7.4.5. Loading a Flash image

To load an image into Flash:

  1. Connect to your target hardware. For example, to connect to an ARM940T with RealView ICE, enter the command:

    connect @ARM940T_0@RealView-ICE

  2. Specify the Flash memory area for your target device, and the Flash MEthod (FME) file to use (see Specifying the Flash memory area).

    If you are using one of supported devices (for example, Integrator/AP), use the FME file for the device that is provided with RVDS. Otherwise, you must create your own FME file. For instructions on how to create an FME file, see the chapter that describes programming Flash with RealView Debugger in the RealView Debugger v1.8 Target Configuration Guide.

  3. Load your image into Flash (see Loading the image into Flash).

  4. View Flash information (see Displaying Flash information).

Specifying the Flash memory area

Before you can load an image into Flash, you must specify:

  • the Flash memory area for your target device

  • the FME file to use.

To do this, use the MEMMAP command.

For example, if you have an Integrator/AP board it has an Intel Flash memory, uses 4-byte memory accesses, and starts at address 0x24000000 with length 0x2000000. The FME file, flash_IntegratorAP.fme, is located in the Flash examples directory:


Therefore, to set the Flash memory for the target, enter the command:


In this example, replace install_directory and ... with the values for your installation.

Loading the image into Flash

Use the READFILE command to load a Flash image to the current target. For example, to load the Flash image for a project in C:\My Projects\flash\Debug on a Windows system at the Flash address 0x24000000, enter:

readfile,OBJ "C:\My Projects\flash\Debug\myflash.axf"=0x24000000

Messages similar to the following are displayed:

= 17. CURRENT:
Conn> = 18. PCREATE: Monitor process 1 auto-attached
Stop> = 19. CURRENT: Current Process on board ARM940T_0:A is 1: <no name>
Stop> Flash block 7 opened for modify.
Stop> Flash block 6 opened for modify.
Stop> Flash block 5 opened for modify.
Stop> Flash block 4 opened for modify.
Stop> Flash block 3 opened for modify.
Stop> Flash block 2 opened for modify.
Stop> Flash block 1 opened for modify.
Stop> Flash block 0 opened for modify.
Stop> Flash block 10 opened for modify.
Stop> Flash block 9 opened for modify.
Stop> Flash block 8 opened for modify.
Stop> = 20. UPDATE: Memory modified from file read.
Stop> Flash opened on ARM940T_0:ARM-ARM-NW for 'Intel DT28F320S3 2Mx16 x2 x4' at '0x24000000'
C:\My Projects\flash\Debug\myflash.axf

Displaying Flash information

To display Flash information, enter the FLASH command without any qualifiers or parameters.

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