5.5.5. Setting connect mode

You can control the way a target processor starts when you connect by setting the connect mode. This is particularly useful when debugging multiprocessor debug targets and working with multiple threads. In single processor debugging mode, you might want to leave an image executing while RealView Debugger closes down and then restart at a later date.

If you are not connected, you can set connect mode when you make a new connection:

  1. Select Target ? Connect to Target..., or click the Connection Control button, to display the Connection Control window.

  2. Right-click on the connection entry, for example new_arm, and select Connect (Defining Mode)... from the Connection context menu.

  3. Select the required state from the selection box.

    The options listed depend on your target vehicle. For example, when connecting to RVISS, the following options are listed:

    • for connections through the RDI interface:

      • No Reset and Stop (the default)

      • No Reset and No Stop (this is not supported in RVISS)


      The RDI connection to RVISS in RealView Debugger is deprecated in this release.

    • for connections through the RealView Connection Broker interface:

      • No Reset and Stop.

  4. Click OK to make the connection with the processor in the required state.


If you click Cancel, the connection continues using the default connect mode as defined by the target vehicle.

If you set connect mode from the Connection Control window, this temporarily overrides any setting in your target configuration file.

See the chapter that describes connecting to targets in RealView Debugger v1.8 Target Configuration Guide for full details of connect mode and how to specify this setting for your debug target.

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