7.4.1. Starting the headless debugger

To start the headless debugger, do the following:

In both cases, the following prompts are displayed:

Enter commands, or 'dhelp=all' for list, or 'quit' to exit

When using the headless debugger, you do not have access to the GUI.

Starting the debugger with a connection and an image loaded

To start the headless debugger with a connection and an image loaded, use the -init and -exec command options. For example, to connect to RVISS and load the image C:\testimages\testimage.axf, enter:

rvdebug -cmd -init=@new_arm@localhost -exec=”C:\testimages\testimage.axf”

For more details on using these options, see RealView Debugger v1.8 User Guide.

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