5.6.1. Using the default setting for top of memory and stack values

The top_of_memory variable is used to enable the semihosting mechanism to determine the top of stack and heap. If you are not using an ARM architecture-based target, or if your target does not use semihosting, this is ignored.

If you do not set these values, RealView Debugger uses default settings that are dependent on the debug target. For RVISS and ARM processors the default value used for top_of_memory is 0x80000.

When you first connect to an ARM architecture-based target, RealView Debugger might display a warning message in the Cmd tab, for example:

Warning: No stack/heap or top of memory defined - setting top_of_memory to 0x80000.

This means that you have not explicitly set a top_of_memory value, and RealView Debugger is using the default value specified in the message. You do not have to explicitly set the top_of_memory value to continue with this tutorial. However, if you want to temporarily set the top_of_memory value, see Setting top of memory for a session. Otherwise, continue with Loading an image ready for debugging.

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