2.1.1. RealView Debugger concepts and terminology

The following terminology is used throughout the RealView Debugger documentation suite to describe debugging concepts:

Debug target

A piece of hardware or simulator that runs your application program. A hardware debug target might be a single processor, or a development board containing a number of processors.


The link between the debugger program and the debug target.

Single connection access

The RealView Debugger base product enables you to carry out debugging tasks in single-processor debugging mode, that is where there is only one target connection.

Multiprocessor access

RealView Debugger has been developed as a fully-featured debugger for working with multiprocessor debug target systems. Multiprocessor access enables you to maintain one or more connections to debug targets. Multiprocessor access is a separately licensed feature of RealView Debugger.


RealView Debugger has been developed to provide full debugging functions when working with a range of debug target systems including Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). DSP-based debugging is a separately licensed feature of RealView Debugger.


Operating systems provide software support for application programs running on a target. Real Time Operating Systems (RTOSs) are operating systems that are designed for systems that interact with real-world activities where time is critical.

Multithreaded operation

RTOS jobs can share the memory of the processor so that each can share all the data and code of the others. These are called threads. RealView Debugger enables you to:

  • attach Code windows to threads to monitor one or more threads

  • select individual threads to display the registers, variables, and code related to that thread

  • change the register and variable values for individual threads.

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