3.6. Setting a simple breakpoint

A breakpoint enables you to stop image execution at a point of interest, so that you can examine various parts of your application at that point.

To set a simple breakpoint:

  1. Select Edit ? Advanced ? Show Line Numbers from the Code window main menu to display line numbers in the source tab.

    This is not required but might help you to follow the examples in this tutorial.

  2. Click on the Src tab in the File Editor pane.

  3. Set a default breakpoint at line 149 in dhry_1.c, Proc_5();. To do this double-click on the line number.

    If the line number is not visible, then double-click inside the gray area at the left of the required statement in the File Editor pane to set the breakpoint.

    Because the breakpoint location is in RAM, RealView Debugger sets a software breakpoint.

  4. Run the image as described in Running the image.

See the chapter that describes setting breakpoints in the RealView Debugger v3.0 User Guide for more details.

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