3.8.1. How to explicitly unload an image

You can unload an image by using the Process Control pane. To do this:

  1. If the Process Control pane is hidden, select View ? Process Control from the default Code window main menu.


    If you still have the default panes visible in the Code window, then you do not have to do this step.

  2. Right-click on either the Image or Load entry to display the Image context menu.

  3. Select Unload.

Alternatively, in the Process Control pane unselect the check box associated with the Load entry.


Unloading an image does not affect target memory. It unloads the symbols and removes most of the image details from RealView Debugger. However, the image name is retained.

To remove image details completely, right-click on either the Image or Load entry in the Process Control pane and select Delete Entry from the context menu.

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