3.3. Starting RealView Debugger

To start RealView Debugger, select the following from the Windows Start menu:

Programs ? ARM ? RealView Development Suite v3.0 ? RealView Debugger v3.0

The first time you run RealView Debugger after installation, it creates a unique working directory, in your RealView Debugger home directory, for you to store your personal files, debugger settings, and target configuration files. RealView Debugger then creates files in, or copies files into, this directory ready for your first debugging session.

RealView Debugger uses your login ID as the name of your home directory, which is in the default directory:


If a user ID is not available, then RealView Debugger creates a general-purpose directory called owner.

The main RealView Debugger window is known as the Code window. The default layout of the Code window is shown in Figure 3.1.


You might want to position and resize the main RealView Debugger window to your requirements. Also, resize the panes as required. RealView Debugger remembers the position and size of the window and panes between debugging sessions.

Figure 3.1. Default Code window

Default Code window
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