3.4.2. Elements of the Connection Control window

The Connection Control window includes a tree control, which comprises:

Target Access

This group shows the type of debug target interface used to support the connection. For RealView ICE, this is the ARM® JTAG debug tool for embedded systems.

RealView Simulator Broker connections are made through the localhost Target Access.

Target processor

When you open a Target Access, the second-level entry shows the target processors that are available, for example, ARM7TDMI_0.

The target processor shows the current state of the connection.

Target processor entries usually have a numerical suffix (for example, _0). If you are licensed to use multiprocessor debugging, each connection is numbered consecutively, starting at zero. This suffix ensures a unique identification for your connections in case you have two processors the same. For example, if your board contains two ARM7TDMI® processors and an ARM940T™ processor, then the connections might be named ARM7TDMI_0, ARM7TDMI_1, and ARM940T_2.


In multiprocessor debugging mode, a Synchronization Control window is also available. See the chapter that describes debugging multiple targets in the RealView Debugger v3.0 User Guide.

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