3.5.1. Loading an image directly

To load an image directly to your debug target:

  1. Select Target ? Load Image... from the Code window main menu.

    Alternatively, click the blue hyperlink Click to Load Image to Target in the File Editor pane.

    The Select Local File to Load dialog box is displayed.


    Do not change any default settings in the Select Local File to Load dialog box.

  2. Locate the dhrystone.axf image in your Tutorial directory (see Starting the tutorial):


  3. Click Open.

    The image is loaded to the debug target.


In the Code window Text Coloring is enabled by default. If you want to turn on source code line numbering, then select Edit ? Advanced ? Show Line Numbers from the Code window main menu.

When you load an image, the debugger:

If an image is compiled to generate debug information, that is using the --debug switch, loading the image enables RealView Debugger to gather debug information about the image and the associated source files. In the dhrystone example, this opens the source file dhry_1.c into the Src tab when you load the image because it has the context.

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