A.2.5. Enhanced RTOS support

RealView Debugger v1.7 includes enhancements to RTOS awareness and visualization.

Running System Debug

Running System Debug (RSD) means that you can debug a target when it is running. This means that you do not have to stop your debug target before carrying out any analysis of your system. Where supported by your RTOS, RSD enables you to debug threads individually or in groups.

Thread-based breakpoints

RealView Debugger v1.7 enables you to use the Set Address/Data Break/Tracepoint dialog box and the Break/Tracepoints pane to set thread-based breakpoints when running in RSD mode.

RTOS visualization

This release sees new RTOS visualization features. This gives users an improved threads view in the Process Control pane and provides new menus and tabs in the Resource Viewer pane.

RTOS CLI commands

RealView Debugger v1.7 includes new RTOS resource commands that enable you to control RTOS awareness, manage breakpoints and resources, and perform operations on RTOS objects.


RealView Debugger v1.7 does not support RTOS resource CLI commands of the form:


Use dos_<resource-list> commands instead.

See the chapter that describes RTOS support in the RealView Debugger Extensions User Guide for full details of all the RTOS support provided by RealView Debugger v1.7.

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