3.7.1. Continuing the tutorial

If you are running the Dhrystone example described in Setting a simple breakpoint, then continue this tutorial as follows:

  1. Run the dhrystone.axf image:

    1. Click the Run button to start execution.

    2. Enter the required number of runs, for example 20000.

    When the breakpoint that you set in Setting a simple breakpoint is reached:

    • A red box is drawn around the source line to show that the PC is pointing to this location.

    • Messages are displayed in the Cmd tab in the Output pane, to show what caused the execution to stop, and the location. In this case:

      Stopped at 0x00008480 due to SW Instruction Breakpoint
      Stopped at 0x00008480: DHRY_1\main Line 149

  2. You can now do the following:

    • Examine any variables that are in scope. For example, double-click on the variable Int_2_Loc, then drag and drop it onto the Watch pane.

    • Step through the image. For example, select Debug ? Step Into from the Code window main menu.

    • Click the Run button to restart execution until the breakpoint is reached again.

    • Double-click on the red breakpoint indicator to clear the breakpoint, then click the Run button to restart execution.

    For full details on how to use these features, see the RealView Debugger v3.0 User Guide.

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