A.2.2. Trace, Analysis, and Profiling

RealView Debugger v1.8 includes enhancements to the Trace and profiling features:

Changes to the Analysis window

The changes to the Analysis window include:

  • the following new features:

    • display of interleaved inferred register values

    • functionality to sum profiling data over a number of runs

    • rationalization of the window tabs

  • the following improvements:

    • block fetching of trace data, to enhance performance

    • changes to column layouts and the addition of new columns

    • new options in the profiling window.

These changes have the following implications:

  • sorting of trace data is supported only in the Profile tab

  • appending trace data is no longer supported.

For full details on tracing with RealView Debugger, see the RealView Debugger Extensions User Guide.

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