1.2.3. Debug Interface

RealView Debugger works with hardware and software targets. The interface between RealView Debugger and a target is provided by a Debug Interface. RealView ICE is an example of a hardware Debug Interface. RealView ARMulator® ISS and Instruction Set System Model are examples of a software Debug Interface.

Each Debug Interface processes requests from the client tools to the target. A Debug Interface might be a JTAG interface, a simulator, or a ROM monitor.

RealView ICE and RealView Trace

RealView ICE enables you to debug a hardware development platform containing one or more ARM architecture-based processors and supported DSPs. You can connect to a RealView ICE unit using either a USB port or your local network.

With the addition of a RealView Trace unit, you can also perform tracing and analysis of:

  • processors containing an Embedded Trace Module (ETM)

  • development platforms containing an Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB™)


You must purchase RealView ICE and RealView Trace separately.

ARM Ltd. Direct Connection for Versatile Platform for ARM926EJ-S (USB)

RealView Debugger provides support to connect to the onboard RealView ICE Micro Edition (RVI-ME) debug interface on the Versatile Platform for ARM926EJ-S™ development board. This support is provided as an option when you install RealView Development Suite.


You must purchase the Versatile Platform for ARM926EJ-S development board separately.


You cannot create a new ARM Ltd. Direct Connection Debug Configuration, or copy and delete the default ARM Ltd. Direct Connection Debug Configuration.

Instruction Set System Model

Instruction Set System Model (ISSM) simulates the following processors:

  • Cortex™-A8

  • Cortex-M1

  • Cortex-M3

  • Cortex-R4.

ISSM runs on the same host computer as the debugger.

Real Time System Model

A Real Time System Model (RTSM) contains a hard-coded system containing one or more specific simulated processors. When you attempt to connect to an RTSM target, RealView Debugger starts up the RTSM session before connecting to that target.


If you want to create your own RTSMs, you must purchase the RealView System Generator application.

SoC Designer

Models created with RealView SoC Designer can be debugged using RealView Debugger. You can debug a SoC Designer model by either:

  • launching RealView Debugger from SoC Designer Simulator to debug the model you are currently viewing

  • creating a SoC Designer Debug Configuration in RealView Debugger.


You must purchase RealView SoC Designer separately.

RealView ARMulator ISS

RealView ARMulator ISS (RVISS) is an Instruction Set Simulator (ISS). It simulates the instruction sets and architecture of ARM processors, together with a memory system and peripherals. You can extend it to simulate other peripherals and custom memory systems.

RVISS runs on the same host computer as the debugger, and includes facilities for communicating with the debugger.


RVISS is not the same as the ARM Developer Suite (ADS) ARMulator supplied with previous releases of RealView Debugger.

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