3.6.1. Procedure

To set a simple breakpoint:

  1. Select the Sources entry in the Process Control pane.

  2. Type the characters dh. The source file dhry.h is selected.

  3. Double-click on the source file dhry_1.c. The source file is opened.

  4. Click Locate PC in the Debug toolbar. The PC is located in the source file, shown in Figure 3.7.

    Figure 3.7. PC located in a source file

    PC located in a source file
  5. Scroll down until line 149 is visible.

  6. Double-click in the gray margin at line 149. A simple breakpoint is set at line 149, as indicated by a red circle shown in Figure 3.8.

    Figure 3.8. Simple breakpoint set

    Simple breakpoint set

    Because the breakpoint location is in RAM, RealView Debugger sets a software breakpoint.

  7. Run the image.

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