3.7.1. Continuing the tutorial

If you are running the Dhrystone example described in Setting a simple breakpoint, then continue this tutorial as follows:

  1. Run the dhrystone.axf image:

    1. Click the Run button to start execution.

    2. Enter the required number of runs, for example 20000.

    When the breakpoint that you set in Setting a simple breakpoint is reached:

    • A red box is drawn around the source line to show that the PC is pointing to this location.

    • Messages are displayed in the Cmd tab in the Output pane, to show what caused the execution to stop, and the location. In this case:

      Stopped at 0x00008480 due to SW Instruction Breakpoint
      Stopped at 0x00008480: DHRY_1\main Line 149
  2. You can now do the following:

    • Examine any variables that are in scope. For example, double-click on the variable Int_2_Loc, then drag and drop it onto the Watch pane.

    • Step through the image. For example, select Step Into from the Code window Debug menu.

    • Click the Run button to restart execution until the breakpoint is reached again.

    • Double-click on the red breakpoint indicator to clear the breakpoint, then click the Run button to restart execution.

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