RealView ® Debugger EssentialsGuide

Version 3.1

Table of Contents

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1. About RealView Debugger
1.1. RealView Debugger
1.1.1. RealView Debugger concepts and terminology
1.2. About the debugging environment
1.2.1. Graphical User Interface
1.2.2. Command Line Interface
1.2.3. Debug Interface
1.2.4. Persistence information
1.3. Multiprocessor debugging
1.3.1. DSP debugging
1.3.2. See also
1.4. The RealView Debugger documentation suite
2. Changes to RealView Debugger
2.1. RealView Debugger command line options
2.1.1. See also
2.2. Target connection and configuration
2.2.1. The Connection Control window
2.2.2. Recent connections list
2.3. CoreSight support
2.3.1. See also
2.4. Multiprocessor debugging
2.4.1. See also
2.5. Cache debugging
2.5.1. Supported processors
2.5.2. Memory pane coloring scheme
2.5.3. Cache-related CLI commands and predefinedmacros
2.6. Trace, analysis, and profiling
2.6.1. See also
2.7. Simulator support
2.7.1. See also
2.8. Changes to the panes
2.8.1. See also
2.9. Miscellaneous changes to the GUI
2.9.1. See also
2.10. Changes to CLI commands and macros
2.10.1. Changes to CLI commands
2.10.2. Changes to macros
2.11. Documentation changes
2.12. Deprecated features
2.12.1. See also
2.13. Obsolete features
3. Getting Started with RealView Debugger
3.1. How to use the tutorial
3.1.1. See also
3.2. Starting the tutorial
3.3. Starting RealView Debugger
3.4. Connecting to a debug target
3.4.1. How to display the Connections window
3.4.2. Elements of the Connect to Targetwindow
3.4.3. Making a connection
3.5. Loading an image ready for debugging
3.5.1. Loading an image directly
3.5.2. Loading multi-image applications toa single debug target
3.6. Setting a simple breakpoint
3.6.1. Procedure
3.7. Running the image
3.7.1. Continuing the tutorial
3.8. Unloading an image
3.8.1. How to explicitly unload an image
3.9. Disconnecting from a target
3.9.1. See also
3.10. Exiting RealView Debugger
3.10.1. Closing down RealView Debugger
3.10.2. Reconnecting to a target
3.11. Cleaning up after the tutorial
3.12. Localizing the RealView Debugger interface
3.12.1. Font recommendations
3.12.2. Procedure summary
3.12.3. Configuring the internationalizationsettings
3.12.4. Configuring the pane views
3.13. Saving a debugging session
3.13.1. Workspace
3.13.2. Startup file
3.13.3. History file
A. About Previous Releases
A.1. Changes between RealView Debugger v3.0 andv1.8
A.1.1. TrustZone support
A.1.2. Thumb-2EE Support
A.1.3. OS support
A.1.4. Trace, Analysis, and Profiling
A.1.5. RealView Simulator Broker support
A.1.6. Multi-ICE direct connect
A.1.7. Simulator support
A.1.8. Changes to the GUI
A.1.9. Changes to the CLI commands and predefinedmacros
A.1.10. Updated documentation
A.2. Changes between RealView Debugger v1.8 andv1.7
A.2.1. Updated documentation
A.2.2. Trace, Analysis, and Profiling
A.2.3. Support for gcc built images
A.2.4. Changes to the GUI
A.2.5. Changes to the CLI
A.2.6. RealView ARMulator ISS support
A.2.7. RealMonitor support
A.3. Changes between RealView Debugger v1.7 andv1.6.1
A.3.1. Updated documentation
A.3.2. Advanced debugging facilities
A.3.3. RealView ARMulator ISS
A.3.4. Trace, Analysis, and Profiling
A.3.5. Enhanced RTOS support
A.3.6. New GUI elements

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