3.6. Example descriptions

These examples describe how to amend board file entries, using the Connection Properties window, to configure your debug target. They assume you are familiar with the procedures described in the online help topic Changing Settings.

In these examples, it is assumed that you are starting with the default board file as installed with the base product. Depending on the type of installation you choose, and your other ARM products, the contents of this file might be different from the one shown here. However, the methods described can be applied to any board file.

In these examples, board file entries are created and renamed. The names used are for illustration only and you can change them as you require. However, it is recommended that you avoid duplicates.


  • Do not configure the board file when the debugger is connected to a target.

  • See Configuration files for instructions on making backups of your configuration before you start.

The examples are described in the following sections:

This section also includes:

Before you start, remove the linked EtherRouter board description from the connection, if you have been following the instructions in Creating new target descriptions. To do this right-click on each *BoardChip_name entry, and select Delete from the BoardChip context menu. Then select File ? Save and Close to save the changes and close the window.

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