2.4. Failing to make a connection

When you click inside a check box, in the Connection Control window, RealView Debugger might fail to connect to the chosen debug target. This might be because:

If RealView Debugger attempts to make a connection and fails, it normally displays a list selection box to offer possible actions, shown in Figure 2.4. Some endpoint connections, such as Multi-ICE, might also display their own dialog boxes or messages.

Figure 2.4. Failing to make a connection

Failing to make a connection

The message displayed at the top of the selection box indicates the type of problem encountered by RealView Debugger. What message is displayed, and what options are available, depends on the interface you are using. The options are:


If you have identified the cause of the failure and corrected it, for example you have connected a board or switched on power, you can select this option and click OK to connect.

Edit Board file...

You can select this option and click OK to close the list selection box and display the Connection Properties window where you can edit your target configuration details (see Viewing board file properties for details).

Save the new settings and then close the Connection Properties window before trying to make the connection using the Connection Control window.

Configure Device Information...

Select this option to display the configuration dialog box for the target.

You must configure certain targets before you can make your first connection, for example RealView ICE, Multi-ICE, or RealMonitor. See Chapter 5 Configuring Custom Connections for more details.

Click Cancel to close the message box and abandon the connection.

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