4.12. Creating a BCD file

By default RealView Debugger looks for BCD files in the install_directory\RVD\Core\...\etc directory. BCD files are provided for the various ARM development boards.

You can create a new BCD from within RealView Debugger by copying an existing BCD. For more details on board files see Creating a new .bcd file.

This section does not describe all aspects of Extended Target Visibility (ETV), for example, enumeration of registers. It describes only those aspects required to program the Flash.

To create a new minimal BCD for the Evaluator-7T follow these steps:

  1. Copy and rename an existing BCD file (see Copying and renaming an existing BCD file).

  2. Delete any existing Board/Chip definitions in the BCD file (see Deleting any existing Board/Chip definitions).

  3. Create a new board group in the BCD file (see Creating a new board group in the BCD file).

  4. Describe the memory map for your hardware (see Describing the memory map).

  5. Assign the new BCD file to the required target connection (see Assigning your BCD file to a target connection).

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