3.4.3. Creating and naming a board, chip, or component

To configure your target, within the *.bcd file that you created in Creating a new .bcd file, you must create a BOARD, a CHIP, or a COMPONENT group (see Board, chip, and component groups).

To create a BOARD, a CHIP, or a COMPONENT group in a .bcd file:

  1. Right-click on the name of the *.bcd file to display the context menu. For example, right-click on the entry ...\AM.bcd.

  2. Select Make New Group... from the context menu to display the Group Type/Name selector dialog box.

  3. Select the type of group you want to use from BOARD, CHIP, or COMPONENT. For this example, select CHIP.

  4. In the Group Name data field change the name from new to something suitable for your target, using only alphanumeric characters, underscore _, and dash -. For this example, enter S5471KT.

  5. Click OK to create the group. This collapses the AM.bcd entry so that the new group is hidden.

  6. Expand the .bcd file group to see the new CHIP=S5471KT group, shown in Figure 3.15.

    Figure 3.15. Viewing the new group in the .bcd file

    Viewing the new group in the .bcd file
  7. Select File ? Save and Close to save your changes and close the Connection Properties window.

Use the method described here to set up as many configuration groups as you require. It is recommended that you do this before creating, or modifying, any CONNECTION groups, as described in Example descriptions.

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