3.4.5. Managing configuration settings

You configure your debug target by amending board file entries using the Connection Properties window. This enables you to specify connection behavior, target visibility, image loading parameters, project loading and binding behavior, and disconnect options.

RealView Debugger provides great flexibility in how to configure these settings so that you can control your debug target and any custom hardware that you are using. This means that some settings can be defined in the top-level board file so that they apply to a class of connections, for example CONNECTION=RealView-ICE, or on a per-board (or per-chip) basis using groups in one or more linked Board/Chip definition files, for example CHIP=KS32C50100 in the file Eval7T.bcd.


To avoid conflicts between settings when you reference multiple boards, follow the guidelines given in Avoiding conflicts between linked board groups.

To ensure that settings defined in one or more linked .bcd file are used to assemble the target configuration, do not change the default settings contained in the target connection group. For example, if you specify top_of_memory in a linked .bcd file, you must check that the same entry is blank (the default) in the top-level board file:

  1. Select Target ? Connection Properties... to display the Connection Properties window.

  2. Expand the following entries in turn:

    1. CONNECTION=RealView-ICE (change as required)

    2. Advanced_Information

    3. Default

    4. ARM_config

  3. Ensure that Top_memory is blank.

    If the setting contains an entry, right-click to display the context menu, and select Reset to Empty to clear the setting.

The interaction between settings in the top-level board file and any linked .bcd files might be important if you are using .bcd files to enable RTOS awareness in RealView Debugger.


The configuration settings Connect_mode and Disconnect_mode are a special case. See Specifying connect and disconnect mode for details on using these entries.

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