3.3. Linking a board, chip, or component to a connection

The target description groups in a *.bcd file are only used if:

This section describes how you make these links in the board file for a connection. These examples assume that you are linking configuration groups to a connection that uses RealView ICE. To avoid conflict between settings in different configuration groups, see Avoiding conflicts between linked board groups.

If this is the first time you have used RealView ICE, ensure that you configure the debug interface before trying to connect (see Configuring a RealView ICE interface unit for details).

There are several cases to consider, presented here in order of increasing complexity:


The examples in this section use existing target descriptions (see The supplied target description (.bcd) files for examples). However, you can create and use your own target descriptions. For detailed instructions describing how to create your own target descriptions, see Creating new target descriptions.

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