A.4.1. ARM_config settings related to memory mapping

This group enables control of ARM processor settings used for ARM emulators, monitors, or simulators. Although this group contains other settings for controlling features such as semihosting and vector catching, only the memory control settings for top of memory, and stack and heap assignment must be set in a BCD file.

You can also set many of these at runtime using pseudo-registers. To do this, use an Advanced_Information block named Default if it applies to all devices or create a block with a name of the scan chain device to which it applies.

ARM_config group settings

The following settings in the ARM_config group must be set only in a BCD file:


The ARM tools automatically set the stack and heap based on the top_of_memory using semihosting.


RealView Debugger does not use the settings in this group.


Enables the semihosting mechanism to return the top of stack and base of heap. If not defined here, the default for each target is used. Any defined value is set into each tool to force this address base. You can use explicit stack and heap sizes and locations, but this might not be supported by all debug targets. You can also set this during a debugging session using the @top_of_memory pseudo-register.


You cannot set top of memory for RVISS, ISSM, RTSM, and SoC Designer targets. There is no @top_of_memory symbol for these targets.

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