5.15. Creating memory map rules

Create the rules that determine which controlled memory map block is displayed:

  1. Expand the Map_rule group.

  2. Select the Default group.

  3. Rename the Default group to R_FastRAM.

  4. Set the following values, shown in Figure 5.19:

    1. Set Register to MemoryStatus (use the context menu).

    2. Set Mask to 0x0001 (to check the value of the B_REMAP bit field only).

    3. Set Value to 0 (M_FastRAM displayed when B_REMAP bit field is set to Disable).

    4. Set On_equal to M_FastRAM.

    Figure 5.19. Settings for the R_Fast_RAM map rule

    Settings for the R_Fast_RAM map rule

  5. Create the R_SlowROM rule:

    1. Right-click on R_FastRAM to display the context menu.

    2. Select Make Copy... from the context menu to open the Enter Name of New object dialog box. The name R_FastRAM_1 is inserted.


      If the name of a rule you are copying ends with a number, then RealView Debugger increments the number for the new rule.

    3. Change the name to R_SlowROM.

    4. Click Create.

  6. Select R_SlowROM and set Value to 1. That is, display the M_SlowROM memory block when the B_REMAP bit field is set to Enable.

  7. Set the value of *On_equal to M_SlowROM, shown in Figure 5.20.

    Figure 5.20. Settings for the R_SlowROM map rule

    Settings for the R_SlowROM map rule

    All BCD file entries are now complete.

  8. Select File → Save and Close from the menu to save your changes and close the Connection Properties window.

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