A.3.9. Connect_mode

When you connect to a target, RealView Debugger attempts to establish the connection using the default connect mode, that is No Reset and Stop.

Before connecting, RealView Debugger checks to see if a user-defined connect mode has been specified by the Connect_mode setting in your board file. If such a setting is found, it becomes the default connect mode for this connection.


Make sure that the Connect_mode setting is not set in any linked BCD file.

Use this setting to specify a connection mode. The options are:


Do not submit a reset and halt any process currently running.


Do not submit a reset or halt any process currently running.


Do a processor reset and halt any process currently running.


Do a processor reset but do not halt any process currently running.


Display a prompt for the connection mode to use.

Considerations when using Connect_mode

Be aware of the following:

  • The options available for the Connect_mode setting are generic to all Debug Interfaces and supported processors and so might include options that are not supported by your Debug Interface.

  • If you set connect mode from the Connect to Target window, using the Connect Mode menu, this might temporarily override any user-defined setting(s) in your target configuration file.

  • If a prompt is specified in your board file, it takes priority over any other user-defined connect mode setting. This prompt-first rule holds true regardless of where the setting is in the configuration hierarchy.

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