A.3.3. Logic_Analyzer

This group is used to define settings for external trace analyzer hardware.

RealView Debugger currently supports:

By default, RealView Debugger is automatically configured with tracing enabled for all targets using preset values.

If you do not set the Vendor setting, you can connect to the analyzer using the following option from the Code window main menu:

Tools → Analyzer/Trace Control → Connect Analyzer/Analysis...

Logic_Analyzer group settings

The following settings are available in the Logic_Analyzer group:


The vendor for the supported TPA.


Name of analyzer or device.


Configuration file required to support your analyzer or device.


Defines when RealView Debugger enables tracing:

  • enabled on connection, with Load_when set to connect

  • enabled on image load, with Load_when set to image_load

  • enabled when a specified symbol is matched, with Load_when set to symbol_match

  • enabled when first trigger is specified, with Load_when set to first_use.


Defines the symbol match to enable tracing.

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