A.3.5. RTOS_config

This group enables you to configure an OS-aware connection.

RTOS_config group settings

The following settings are available in the RTOS_config group:


This group indicates the events that are to be captured. Up to eight events can be captured. The event settings reflect the state of the events on the Event Filter dialog box.


A three letter value that identifies the OS plug-in, that is the *.dll file supplied by your vendor.


Defines when RealView Debugger loads the OS plug-in:

  • load the plug-in on connection, with Load_when set to connect

  • wait until an OS image is loaded, with Load_when set to image_load.

The OS features of the debugger are not enabled until the plug-in is loaded, the OS has been found on your target, and the OS is initialized.


Defines a base address, overriding the default address used to locate the OS data structures. See your OS documentation for details.


Specifies a CPU identifier so that you can associate the OS-aware connection to a specific CPU. See your OS documentation for details.


Defines how OS awareness is disabled. Use the context menu to specify the action to take when an image is unloaded or when you disconnect. You can also specify a prompt.


Controls whether RealView Debugger enables or disables RSD. This setting is only relevant if your debug target can support RSD.


Use this setting to specify how RealView Debugger responds to a processor stop request when running in RSD mode.

In some cases, it is important that the processor does not stop. This setting enables you to specify this behavior, use:

  • Never to disable all actions that might stop the processor.

  • Prompt to request confirmation before stopping the processor.

  • Don’t_prompt to stop the processor. This is the default.


Controls whether RealView Debugger enables or disables the capturing of events. When enabled, RealView Debugger checks which event to capture by examining the settings in the Events group. See your OS documentation for details of the events that are supported.

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