2.7.1. Procedure for customizing an ISSM Debug Interface configuration

To customize an ISSM Debug Interface configuration:

  1. Open the ISSM Debug Interface configuration dialog box:

    1. Select the Configuration grouping from the Grouped By list.

    2. Expand the Instruction Set System Model(ISSM) Debug Interface to see the existing Debug Configurations.

    3. Right-click on the Debug Configuration to be customized to display the context menu.

    4. Select Configure... from the context menu to open the Model Configuration Utility dialog box.

    5. Select a model from the Models list. Figure 2.3 shows an example:

      Figure 2.3. Model Configuration Utility dialog box

      Model Configuration Utility dialog box

  2. If the required models are listed, then skip this step. Otherwise:

    1. Click Browse... to open the Browse for Folder dialog box.

    2. Locate the directory containing your ISSM models.

    3. Click OK.

      The models are listed in the Models pane.

  3. Select the required model in the Models pane.

  4. Configure the settings in the Parameters of model_name pane.

    The parameters available depend on the model you have selected.

  5. Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog box.

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