2.5. Customizing a VSTREAM Debug Interface configuration

You can use a VSTREAM client and transactor to connect to an RTL model that incorporates CoreSight components. How you configure a development platform that supports CoreSight depends on your requirements:

In both cases, you autoconfigure the scan chain to detect the CoreSight DAP. If your CoreSight DAP contains a ROM table, you can then read the ROM table to determine the devices that are connected to the DAP. If no ROM table is provided, or is corrupted, you must manually add the remaining devices as required.

To customize a VSTREAM Debug Interface configuration for a development platform containing CoreSight components:

  1. Create a new VSTREAM Debug Configuration:

    1. Select the Configuration grouping from the Grouped By list.

    2. Expand the VSTREAM Debug Interface to see the existing Debug Configurations.

    3. Click Add to create a new VSTREAM Debug Configuration. The RVConfig utility is automatically displayed.

  2. Select your VSTREAM client, if it appears in the RVConfig browser. Alternatively, enter the IP address or host name of the VSTREAM client.

  3. Click Connect to connect the RVConfig utility to the VSTREAM client.

  4. Click Auto Configure Scan Chain. The ARMCS-DP target is detected and added to the scan chain schematic diagram.

  5. If the ARMCS-DP device has a ROM table:

    1. Right-click on the ARMCS-DP device in the scan chain schematic diagram to display the context menu.

    2. Select Read coresight ROM table from the context menu. The devices connected to the CoreSight DAP are added to the scan chain schematic diagram.

    If the ARMCS-DP device does not have a ROM table:

    1. Click Add Device... to open the Add Device dialog box.

    2. Expand the group in the Registered Devices list containing the device to be added.

    3. Select the required device from the Registered Devices list.

    4. Click OK. The device is added to the scan chain schematic diagram.

    5. Repeat these steps for each additional device on your development platform.

  6. Select the device in the left pane, and configure the parameters in the panel.

  7. Select Advanced in the left pane, and configure the advanced settings.

  8. Select File → Save from the menu to save your changes.

  9. Select File → Exit from the menu to close the RVConfig utility. You can connect to the targets in your new Debug Configuration in the usual way.

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