3.18. Distributing Debug Configurations to other machines and users

You can distribute RealView Debugger Debug Configurations so that all members of a development team have access to the same targets and configurations.

To distribute RealView Debugger Debug Configurations to other users:

  1. Prepare your Debug Configurations for distribution.

  2. A Debug Configuration is stored in a .brd file and has a reference to a target configuration file. Therefore, as a minimum, you must distribute the .brd file, and any target configuration files that it references.

    For example, you might have created an RVISS_3 Debug Configuration that references the rviss_3.auc target configuration file. Therefore, you must distribute both the .brd file and the rviss_3_0.auc file.

  3. If you have created your own custom memory maps in BCD files, then make sure you also distribute these BCD files.


    If your Debug Configurations reference any default memory map BCD files supplied with RVDS, these do not have to be distributed.

  4. Place the directory containing the Debug Configurations on a network location to which all users have access.

  5. To access the Debug Configurations use one of the following methods:

    • Load the .brd file directly from the network location. In this case, you must set the RVDEBUG_SHARE environment variable to the location of the file on the network.

    • Copy the home directory from the network location to your own machine (for example, C:\RVD_home\DevTeam), and then start RealView Debugger with the following command (replace ... with the version and build number of your installation):

      "C:\Program Files\ARM\RVD\Core\...\win_32-pentium\bin\rvdebug.exe"
      --install="C:\Program Files\ARM\RVD\Core\...\win_32-pentium"
    • Copy the files from the network directory to your own home directory.


      Be aware that this might overwrite your .brd file. Therefore, you might want to rename your existing .brd file. You can switch between different board files if required.

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