A.3.10. Disconnect_mode

When you disconnect from a target, RealView Debugger attempts to disconnect using the default disconnect mode, that is As-is without Debug.

Before disconnecting, RealView Debugger checks to see if a user-defined disconnect mode has been specified by the Disconnect_mode setting in your board file. If such a setting is found, it becomes the default disconnect mode for this connection.


Make sure that the Disconnect_mode setting is not set in any linked BCD file.

Use this setting to specify a disconnection mode. The options are:


Leave the target in its current state, whether stopped or running, and maintain any debugging controls.


Leave the target in its current state, whether stopped or running, and remove any debugging controls. This is the default.


Display a prompt for the disconnection mode to use.

Considerations when using Disconnect_mode

Be aware of the following:

  • All vector catch breakpoints are removed from the target on disconnection, irrespective of the disconnect mode.

  • The options available for the Disconnect_mode setting are generic to all Debug Interface interfaces and supported processors and so might include options that are not supported by your Debug Interface.

  • If you set disconnect mode from the Connect to Target window, using Disconnect (Defining Mode)... on the Target menu, this temporarily overrides any user-defined setting(s) in your target configuration file.

  • If a prompt is specified in your board file, it takes priority over any other user-defined disconnect mode setting. This prompt-first rule holds true regardless of where the setting is in the configuration hierarchy.

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