1.1. About RVCT

RVCT consists of a suite of applications, together with supporting documentation and examples, that enable you to write applications for the ARM® family of RISC processors. You can use RVCT to build C, C++, and ARM assembly language programs.

This book contains information that helps you with specific issues when developing code for ARM-based systems. The chapters in this book, and the examples used, assume that you are using the latest release of RVCT to develop your code.

If you are upgrading to RVCT from a previous release, ensure that you read RealView Compilation Tools v3.0 Essentials Guide for details about new features and enhancements in this release.

If you are new to RVCT, read RealView Compilation Tools v3.0 Essentials Guide for an overview of the ARM tools and an introduction to using them as part of your development project.

For information about previous releases of RVCT, see Appendix A in RealView Compilation Tools v3.0 Essentials Guide.

See ARM publications for a list of the other books in the RVCT documentation suite that give information on the ARM assembler, compiler, and supporting software.

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