4.1.4. Detecting interworking calls

The linker generates an error if it detects a direct ARM/Thumb interworking call where the called routine is not built for interworking. You must rebuild the called routine for interworking.

For example, Example 4.1 shows the error that is produced if the ARM routine in Example 4.3 is compiled and linked without the --apcs /interwork option.

Example 4.1. 

Error: L6239E: Cannot call ARM symbol 'arm_function' in non-interworking object
armsub.o from THUMB code in thumbmain.o(.text)

These types of error indicate that an ARM-to-Thumb or Thumb-to-ARM interworking call has been detected from the object module object to the routine symbol, but the called routine has not been compiled for interworking. You must recompile the module that contains the symbol and specify --apcs /interwork.

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