2.5.9. Example code for Build 4

Build 4 of the example can be run standalone on the Integrator platform. See the example build files in the main examples directory, in ...\emb_sw_dev\build4.

The following modifications have been made to Build 3 of the example project:

Vector table

A vector table has been added to the project, and placed by the scatter-loading description file.

Reset handler

The reset handler is added in init.s. Two separate modules, responsible for TCM and MMU setup respectively, are included in the ARM926EJ-S™ build. These are excluded from the ARM7TDMI® build, which runs on Integrator systems with any core. ROM/RAM remapping occurs immediately after reset.


For the ARM926EJ-S build, Caches are enabled in $Sub$$main() before entering the main application.

Embedded description file

An embedded description file is used, that reflects the memory view after remapping.

The build files for both of these builds produce a binary file suitable for downloading into the Integrator AP application Flash at address 0x24000000.

A precise timer is implemented using a timer on the Integrator AP motherboard. This generates an IRQ, and a handler is installed that increments a counter every one-hundredth of a second (0.01 sec).

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