2.3.3. Example code for Build 2

Build 2 of the Dhrystone benchmark uses the hardware of the Integrator platform for clocking and string I/O. See the example build files in the main examples directory, in ...\emb_sw_dev\build2.

The following changes have been made to Build 1 of the example project:

C Library Retargeting

A retargeted layer of ISO C functions has been added. These include standard I/O functions and clock functionality, as well as some additional error signaling and program exit.

Target Dependent Device Driver

A device driver layer has been added that interacts directly with target hardware peripherals.

See Running the Dhrystone builds on an Integrator.

The symbol __use_no_semihosting is not imported into this project. This is because a semihosting call is executed during C library initialization to set up the application stack and heap location. Retargeting stack and heap setup is described in detail in Placing the stack and heap.


To see the output, a terminal or terminal emulator must be connected to serial port A. The serial port settings must be set to 38400 baud, no parity, 1 stop bit and no flow control. The terminal must be configured to append line feeds to incoming line ends, and echo typed characters locally.

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