6.6.2. SVC handlers in assembly language

The easiest way to call the handler for the requested SVC number is to use a jump table. If r0 contains the SVC number, the code in Example 6.7 can be inserted into the top-level handler given in Example 6.6, following on from the BIC instruction.

Example 6.7. SVC jump table

    CMP    r0,#MaxSVC          ; Range check
    LDRLS  pc, [pc,r0,LSL #2]
    B      SVCOutOfRange
    DCD    SVCnum0
    DCD    SVCnum1
                    ; DCD for each of other SVC routines
SVCnum0             ; SVC number 0 code
    B    EndofSVC
SVCnum1             ; SVC number 1 code
    B    EndofSVC
                    ; Rest of SVC handling code
                    ; Return execution to top level 
                    ; SVC handler so as to restore
                    ; registers and return to program.
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