2.1.1. Example code

To illustrate the topics covered in this chapter, associated example projects are provided. The code for the Dhrystone builds described in this chapter is in the main examples directory, in ...\emb_sw_dev. Each build is in a separate directory, and provides an example of the techniques discussed in successive sections of this chapter. Specific information regarding each build can be found in:

The Dhrystone benchmarking program provides the code base for the example projects. Dhrystone was chosen because it enables many of the concepts described in this chapter to be illustrated.

The example projects are tailored to run on the ARM® Integrator™ development platform. However, the principles illustrated by the examples apply to any target hardware.


The focus of this chapter is not specifically the Dhrystone program, but the steps that must be taken to enable it to run on a fully standalone system. For further discussion of Dhrystone as a benchmarking tool, see Application Note 93 - Benchmarking with ARMulator®. You can find the ARM Application Notes in the Documentation area of the ARM website at http://www.arm.com.

Running the Dhrystone builds on an Integrator

To run the Dhrystone builds described in this chapter on an Integrator, you must:

  • Perform ROM/RAM remapping. To achieve this, run the Boot Monitor by setting switches 1 and 4 to ON, and then reset the board.

  • Set top_of_memory to 0x40000, or fit a DIMM memory module. If this is not done, the stack, with a default setting of 0x80000, might not be in valid memory.

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