6.8.9. GET or INCLUDE

The GET directive includes a file within the file being assembled. The included file is assembled at the location of the GET directive. INCLUDE is a synonym for GET.


GET filename



is the name of the file to be included in the assembly. The assembler accepts pathnames in either UNIX or MS-DOS format.


GET is useful for including macro definitions, EQUs, and storage maps in an assembly. When assembly of the included file is complete, assembly continues at the line following the GET directive.

By default the assembler searches the current place for included files. The current place is the directory where the calling file is located. Use the -i assembler command-line option to add directories to the search path. File names and directory names containing spaces must not be enclosed in double quotes ( " " ).

The included file can contain additional GET directives to include other files (see Nesting directives).

If the included file is in a different directory from the current place, this becomes the current place until the end of the included file. The previous current place is then restored.

GET cannot be used to include object files (see INCBIN).


    AREA    Example, CODE, READONLY
    GET     file1.s               ; includes file1 if it exists
                                  ; in the current place.
    GET     c:\project\file2.s    ; includes file2
    GET     c:\Program files\file3.s  ; space is permitted

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