2.1.1. Code examples

There are a number of code examples in this chapter. Many of them are supplied in the install_directory\RVDS\Examples\...\asm directory.

Follow these steps to build and link an assembly language file:

  1. Type armasm --debug filename.s at the command prompt to assemble the file and generate debug tables.

  2. Type armlink filename.o -o filename to link the object file and generate an ELF executable image.

To execute and debug the image, load it into a compatible debugger, for example RealView Debugger or ARM eXtended Debugger (AXD), with an appropriate debug target.

To see how the assembler converts the source code, enter:

fromelf -c filename.o

See RealView Compilation Tools v2.2 Linker and Utilities Guide for details on armlink and fromelf.

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