6.2.1. Registers

Wireless MMX Technology supports two register types:

Status and Control registers

Control registers map onto coprocessor 1 and include the general-purpose registers wCGR0 - wCGR3 and the SIMD flags. See Table 6.1 for details of these registers.

Use the Wireless MMX Technology instructions TMCR and TMRC to read and write to these registers.

Table 6.1. Status and Control registers

TypeWireless MMX Technology registersCP1 registers
Coprocessor IDwCIDc0
Saturation SIMD flagwCSSFc2
Arithmetic SIMD flagwCASFc3
Reserved-c4 - c7
General-purposewCGR0 - wCGR3c8 - c11
Reserved-c12 - c15

SIMD Data registers

Data registers (wR0 - wR15) map onto coprocessor 0 and hold 16x64-bit packed data. Use the Wireless MMX Technology pseudo-instructions TMRRC and TMCRR to move data between these registers and the ARM registers.

See Wireless MMX Technology Developer Guide for a detailed description of registers.

When assembling Wireless MMX Technology instructions, the assembler accepts register specifications in:

The assembler supports the WRN and WCN directives to specify your own register names (see Directives, WRN and WCN).

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