6.1. Introduction

Wireless MMX Technology is a set of Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) instructions available on selected XScale processors that improve the performance of some multimedia applications. Wireless MMX Technology uses 64-bit registers to enable it to operate on multiple data elements in a packed format.

Wireless MMX Technology uses ARM coprocessors 0 and 1 to support its instruction set and data types. You can assemble source code that uses Wireless MMX Technology instructions to run on the PXA270 processor.

Wireless MMX 2 Technology is an upgraded version of Wireless MMX Technology.

When using the ARM assembler, be aware that:

This chapter gives information on the Wireless MMX Technology support provided by the ARM assembler in RealView Compilation Tools. It does not provide a detailed description of the Wireless MMX Technology. See Wireless MMX Technology Developer Guide for information about the programmers’ model and a full description of the Wireless MMX Technology instruction set.

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