4.10.10. MAR and MRA

Transfer between two general-purpose registers and a 40-bit internal accumulator.


MAR{cond} Acc, RdLo, RdHi
MRA{cond} RdLo, RdHi, Acc



is an optional condition code (see Conditional execution).


is the internal accumulator. The standard name is accx,where x is an integer in the range 0 to n. The value of n depends on the processor. It is 0 for current processors.

RdLo, RdHi

are general-purpose registers. RdLo and RdHi must not be the pc, and for MRA they must be different registers.


The MAR instruction copies the contents of RdLo to bits[31:0] of Acc, and the least significant byte of RdHi to bits[39:32] of Acc.

The MRA instruction:

  • copies bits[31:0] of Acc to RdLo

  • copies bits[39:32] of Acc to RdHi bits[7:0]

  • sign extends the value by copying bit[39] of Acc to bits[31:8] of RdHi.


These ARM coprocessor 0 instructions are only available in XScale processors.

There are no Thumb versions of these instructions.


    MAR     acc0, r0, r1
    MRA     r4, r5, acc0
    MARNE   acc0, r9, r2
    MRAGT   r4, r8, acc0
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