ARM ® FLEXlm LicenseManagement Guide v4.0

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1. Introduction
1.1. Supported platforms
1.1.1. Client platforms
1.1.2. License server platforms
1.2. Tool licensing options
1.2.1. Node-locked license (Windows only)
1.2.2. Floating license (Windows and Unix/Linux)
1.3. ARM License Wizard
1.4. ARM web licensing portal
2. Requesting Your License
2.1. Information needed for a license
2.1.1. Product serial number
2.1.2. Host ID
2.2. ARM web licensing portal
2.2.1. New users
2.2.2. Existing users
2.2.3. Access from the License Wizard v4.x
3. Installing a Node-Locked License
3.1. Installing a node-locked license
3.1.1. Using the ARM License Wizard
4. Setting Up a Floating License Server
4.1. Installing the server software
4.1.1. Installing server software on Windows
4.1.2. Installing server software on Unix/Linux
4.2. Installing the server license
4.3. Starting the license server
4.3.1. Starting a Windows server
4.3.2. Starting a Unix/Linux server
5. Configuring a Client to Use a License Server
5.1. Configuring the client licensing onWindows
5.1.1. ARM License Wizard
5.1.2. Using the Control Panel
5.1.3. Using the Command Line
5.2. Client license on Unix/Linux
5.2.1. Shell commands
5.2.2. .flexlmrc
6. Frequently Asked Questions about Licensing
6.1. General licensing questions
6.1.1. How do the ARM development tools implementFLEXlm ?
6.1.2. How does FLEXlm finda license file?
6.1.3. Can I use FLEXlm withmore than one product?
6.1.4. How do I combine licenses?
6.1.5. How do I move my license to anothercomputer?
6.1.6. Feature not supported error
6.1.7. Do the ARM development tools supportBORROW?
6.1.8. Why can I not find the LMHOSTID utility?
6.2. Problems with client configuration
6.2.1. License apparently missing
6.2.2. How do I manually install a node-lockedlicense?
6.2.3. Problems communicating with the server
6.2.4. How can I change the order in whichmy license sources are accessed?
6.2.5. What does the “Diagnose license managementproblems” option do in the License Wizard?
6.2.6. How can I optimize floating licensecheckout times?
6.3. Problems with server configuration
6.3.1. Server log reports "Invalid licensekey (inconsistent authentication code)"
6.3.2. How do I update the license file myserver uses?
6.3.3. How can I tell how many floating licensesare in use?
6.3.4. Server log reports “(armlmd) cannotopen lock file”
6.3.5. What version of the license serverdaemons should I use?
6.3.6. Server log reports “Invalid license key (inconsistentauthentication code)”

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2.1. Commands for obtaining host IDs

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