FLEXnet for ARM® Tools License Management Guide v4.2

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1. Introduction
1.1. Supported platforms
1.1.1. Client platforms
1.1.2. License server platforms
1.2. Tool licensing options
1.2.1. Node-locked license (Windows only)
1.2.2. Floating license (Windows and Unix/Linux)
1.3. ARM License Wizard
1.4. ARM web licensing portal
2. Requesting Your License
2.1. Information needed for a license
2.1.1. Product serial number
2.1.2. Host ID
2.2. ARM web licensing portal
2.2.1. Access from the License Wizard v4.x
3. Installing a Node-Locked License
3.1. Installing a node-locked license using the ARM License Wizard
3.2. Installing a node-locked license manually
4. Setting Up a Floating License Server
4.1. Installing the server software
4.1.1. Installing server software on Windows
4.1.2. Installing server software on Unix/Linux
4.2. Installing the server license
4.2.1. Installing OptimoDE licenses
4.3. Starting the license server
4.3.1. Starting a Windows server
4.3.2. Starting a Unix/Linux server
4.4. Shutting down the license server
4.4.1. Stopping a Windows server
4.4.2. Stopping a Unix/Linux server
4.4.3. Stopping triple license servers
5. Configuring a Client to Use a License Server
5.1. Configuring the client licensing on Windows
5.1.1. ARM License Wizard
5.1.2. Using the Control Panel
5.2. Client license on Unix/Linux
5.2.1. Shell commands
5.2.2. .flexlmrc
6. Frequently Asked Questions about Licensing
6.1. General licensing questions
6.1.1. How does FLEXnet find a license file?
6.1.2. Can I use FLEXnet with more than one product?
6.1.3. How do I combine licenses?
6.1.4. How do I find my product serial number?
6.1.5. How do I move my license to another computer?
6.1.6. Do the ARM development tools support BORROW?
6.1.7. Do ARM licenses support queuing?
6.1.8. Why can I not find the lmhostid utility?
6.2. Problems with client configuration
6.2.1. License apparently missing error
6.2.2. My node-locked tools fail with FLEXnet error -8: Invalid license key (inconsistent authentication code)
6.2.3. How can I change the order in which my license sources are accessed?
6.2.4. What does the “Diagnose license management problems” option do in the License Wizard?
6.2.5. How can I optimize floating license checkout times?
6.2.6. Can I use a remote license server?
6.2.7. Why am I getting FLEXnet error -15: Cannot connect to license server system?
6.3. Problems with server configuration
6.3.1. Server debug log reports “Invalid license key (inconsistent authentication code)”
6.3.2. Can I define the order in which licenses in a mixed version license file are issued?
6.3.3. How can I tell how many floating licenses are in use?
6.3.4. Server debug log reports “(armlmd) cannot open lock file” or “cannot communicate with lmgrd”
6.3.5. What version of the license server daemons must I use?
6.3.6. How can I limit user access to particular licensed features?
6.3.7. Why am I getting “DENIED” messages in the server log?
6.3.8. How can I manage the size of the server debug log file?

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This book describes how to use FLEXnet (formerly known as FLEXlm) to enable ARM software tools. It contains generation and installation instructions for node-locked and floating licenses as well as FAQs and hints for troubleshooting license problems.

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