3.1. Differences between IM-LT3 and IM-LT1

The IM-LT3 Interface Module is similar to the IM-LT1 Interface Module. The IM-LT1 allows the Integrator system to access resources on the Logic Tiles, but it does not have an FPGA fitted. The differences between the two modules are listed in Table 3.1. For more information on the IM-LT1, see the Integrator/IM-LT1 User Guide.


The signal names for the same pin differ between the IM-LT1 and IM-LT3 because the IM-LT1 does not have an FPGA fitted.

Table 3.1. Differences between IM-LT1 and IM-LT3

IM-LT3 logicFitted on IM-LT1Reference for IM-LT3
PLDNoPLD circuitry
Image select switches and LED indicatorNoSwitches and LEDs
User switches and LEDsYes
JTAG connectorYesJTAG support
Trace connectorsYesDebug connectors
Local clock sourcesNoClock architecture
HDRZ isolation switchesNoHeader connectors
SSRAM and SDRAMNoMemory interfaces
Reset and POR circuitryYesPLD circuitry
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