2.1.1. Fitting a Core Module to the IM-LT3

Connect a Core Module to the HDRA/HDRB connectors on the IM-LT3 to provide a system processor (if an SMM implemented in the IM-LT3 is not used)


If you are using a Core Module without a baseboard below it, connect the stacking option link shorting out the motherboard detect signal (nMBDET) on the Core Module. This link is usually numbered LK1 or LK11 and the nMBDET signal is shorted if the link is in the B:C position instead of the normal A:C position. Some versions of Core Module do not have this link and cannot be used as the bottom module in a stack.

Figure 2.1 illustrates a development system with an IM-LT3 and a Core Module.

Figure 2.1. IM-LT3 and Core Module

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