3.10. Test points

The IM-LT3 provides test points and debug connectors to aid diagnostics. The most useful of these are illustrated in Figure 3.25.

Figure 3.25. Test points

See JTAG support for details of the JTAG connectors.

The test point signals are listed in Table 3.7.

Table 3.7. Test point functions

Test point



TP1TP_CLK_GLOBAL_INGlobal clock in
TP2TP_CLK_GLOBAL_OUTGlobal clock out
TP3FPGA_TPA Spare signal from FPGA
TP4FPGA_TPB Spare signal from FPGA
TP5FPGA_TPCSpare signal from FPGA
TP61V5FPGA VCCINT (core) supply voltage
TP7R_CLK0 Output from ICS307 programmable oscillator U10
TP8R_CLK1 Output from ICS307 programmable oscillator U11
TP9R_CLK2 Output from ICS307 programmable oscillator U12
TP10TP_REF24MHZ24MHz reference for ISC307
J5DXN and DXPFPGA temperature sense output (connector not fitted)
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