4.4.1. Reconfiguring the FPGA directly

Using JTAG to program the FPGA is fast, but the configuration is lost when the power supply is removed. Programming takes approximately 30 seconds to complete using Multi-ICE on a fast computer (for example, a 400MHz Windows workstation).

You can reprogram the FPGA using Multi-ICE. A Multi-ICE client application called Progcards is provided to read .bit files and configure the FPGA using the Multi-ICE hardware. You must use a board file (.brd) to tell the progcards utility about the method of programming. Examples are provided on the CD supplied with the IM-LT3.


The Progcards utility requires Multi-ICE release 1.4 or later.

Refer to the Multi-ICE User Guide for further information about using Multi-ICE.

For a full description of this utility, refer to the document file progcards.pdf on the supplied CD.

To load a new configuration into the FPGA:

  1. Produce a <filename>.bit file for your design.

  2. Produce a <filename>.brd for your design. This is a configuration file for progcards.exe.

  3. Start the JTAG application and autoconfigure.

    If autoconfiguration fails, load the configuration file (.cfg) for the board. For details on manual configuration, see the readme.txt file on the CD.

  4. Configure the Multi-ICE server using a configuration file.

  5. Run the progcards utility. All .brd files present in the current directory that match the TAP configuration are offered as options.

  6. Do not power-cycle the system or press the reconfigure button. If reconfigured, the FPGA will reload the old image from the flash memory.

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