1.4.2. Preventing damage

The IM-LT3 is intended for use within a laboratory or engineering development environment. It is supplied without an enclosure and this leaves the board sensitive to electrostatic discharges and allows electromagnetic emissions.


To avoid damage to the board, observe the following precautions.

  • Never subject the board to high electrostatic potentials.

  • Always wear a grounding strap when handling the board.

  • Only hold the board by the edges.

  • When removing the module from a baseboard, take care not to damage the connectors.

  • Do not apply a twisting force to the ends of the connectors.

  • Avoid touching the component pins or any other metallic element.

  • Ensure that the voltage on the pins of the FPGA and interface circuitry on all connected Logic Tiles is at the correct level. Individual FPGA pins are not damaged by a clash of output levels, but this causes increased power consumption that might damage the FPGA.

  • Do not use the board near a transmitter of electromagnetic emissions.

  • Use the IM-LT3 and tiles in a clean environment and avoid debris fouling the connectors on the underside of the PCB. Blocked holes might damage the connectors.

  • Visually inspect the baseboard pins to ensure that they are not bent and visually inspect the tile to ensure that connector holes are clear before mounting it onto another board.

  • If a stack of boards are used, there must be only one connection to the power supply (see Power supplies).

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